Last dose of kratom was 8.45g at 330am, it's now 1230pm.

Ten minutes later I decide that I've under dosed and add another 330mg in the same manner.

By 1pm I'm feeling the effects, they remind me very much of oxy. Make a few phone calls and chat longer than normal.

Kratom leaves are usually picked and chewed fresh; half of one large leaf can be enough to generate mild stimulation and well-being in new users.

Kratom leaves can also be steeped into a tea, made into resin balls for long-term storage, and occasionally even smoked.

I think it depends what your looking for zlex as they differ in effects as you know.

If I'm guessing what I have read about your posts, probably don't want a too stimulating strain.

This would lead me to recommend an extract of 7-OHM (if one does exist) first and Mitragynine second.

Personally I can't give you a recommendation on anything beyond plain leaf because I know what happens when I get access to powerful opioids.

For those of you who are aware, ultra enhanced indo, the king of kratom extracts, is not truly an extract in the normal sense.

All evidence points to it being a semi-synthetic analogue of mitragynine, a mitragynine extract that's been coverted to mitragynine pseudoindoxyl or a close analogue, approximately 30x stronger than morphine, that's probably blended in with micronized Bali powder (I assume Bali because it's cheap, and basically inert at the doses used.

Although it is distantly related to the coffee plant, for most people, kratom is more of a relaxant than a stimulant.