This is the first time that he's seeing her for who she truly is and he knows that this might be the last time they're together, which adds a whole other layer to his affections.

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When the first part of premiered on Netflix last year, the abbreviated series ran six episodes.

But while Part Two had been announced as a seven-episode installment, as it turns out, Luhrmann squeezed the story into just five hourlong episodes — though the season finale runs an extended 75 minutes. We were particularly concerned with making sure, with the musical numbers and density of each episode, that we weren’t finding ourselves ‘padding’ in material for the sake of a making a number,” Luhrmann explained.

It shows that sex doubles as communication device for the characters when words aren't adequately expressing how they feel about each other.

Claire and Jamie have very bad luck when it comes to hooking up in the woods, but the night after Claire tells Jamie the truth about being from the future turns into a magical encounter.

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Guadalajara, MEXICO: Couples kiss during the “long and passionate kisses” contest held in the Mexican city of Guadalajara, 10 February 2007.

The event gathering hundred of couples is organised on the occasion of the forthcoming Valentine Day which falls 14 February and coincide with the anniversary of the city.

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