Siddharth Sinha is a dedicated selfless doctor who dreams of building a state-of-the-art hospital with all the modern instruments and amenities for patient care . Akash falls in love with Neha Mathur , an anaesthetist in the same hospital . Siddharth Sinha that he will donate a big sum of money to his hospital , on the condition that Akash marries Sonia . Siddharth Sinha declines but dies of a heart attack a few days later .

In a friend's party , Akash meets Sonia who is a spoilt daughter of a millionaire Gulshan Kapoor . Burdened with fulfilling his father's dream , Akash decides to marry Sonia sacrificing his own love .

Hieun-tsang, the famous Chinese pilgrim, has given a vivid description of Lahore which he visited in the early parts of the 7th century AD.

From 1524 to 1752, Lahore was part of the Mughal Empire.

Preity Zinta, that cherubic-looking leading lady, is cast against type and has fun as a spoilt heiress (is there any other kind?

), unhampered by scruples or too much clothing, who will do anything to get her way.

Siddharth Sinha and Anil Kapoor as his equally noble son, Dr. Gracy Singh, who was a winsome village maiden in `Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India', and selflessly stood by her man, plays Dr.

Neha Mathur, a winsome anesthetist here, and again selflessly stands by her man.But even after marriage Sonia is jealous of Neha and constantly accuses Akash of infidelity which leaves him in a dilemma , torn between two women .`Armaan', which marks Honey Irani's directorial debut, has a surfeit of high-minded sentiments, some genuinely honest and lovely moments, and unfortunately, also a number of snigger-inducing scenes.We really want to work together but I am looking for something more interesting and dramatic’, said Mr. Sonam, nicknamed ‘Giraffe’ by her father, is supposed to star in the remake of the 1980 hit, Khoobsoorat, directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee, which starred everlasting diva Rekha and Rakesh Roshan in lead roles. Sonam will be seen playing the role of Rekha and Ashok Kumar’s role will be played by Bengali superstar Prasenjit Chatterjee. Sonam seems to be very happy about the success of two back to back hits with Raanjhana and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag.‘Sonam would do a great job with that role and I am looking forward to see her in the role. She received lot of praises from her father Anil Kapoor.He feels that it would be really boring as he would end up playing the obvious role (of her dad), and there wouldn’t be anything new to offer to the audience.