As she walks away, the audience can see that, although she was straight faced when she dumped him, she starts crying too.Carter walks out of the diner and lights a cigarette that just hangs off of his lips. It's his boss, yelling about a script that Carter turned in; we find out Carter writes soft-core porn.

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These following couples didn't follow that advice, all forced to work with each other amid emotional break ups, faking love on camera while trying desperately to suppress their turbulent romantic histories.

Check out some of the most awkward examples below, but be warned: the following content is positively cringe-worthy!

held at Para Los Ninos on Tuesday (June 27) in Los Angeles.

After serving lunch to children through Feeding America, the nation’s largest hunger relief organization, the happy couple were asked if they’ve ever shared a laugh over the fact that their beloved teen characters, ‘s Seth Cohen, ended up together in real life.

And the look on his face when her name is brought up is PRICELESS! Diablo Cody is one badass bitch, and it's a pretty solid little chat!

Yesterday, Dianna tweeted, “On the [Hampton Jitney bus].He sat in the front row of his co-star's wedding and even personally thanked Ryan on Cuoco's behalf after she awkwardly forgot to do it herself!Watch the uncomfortable moment below: These Alias co-stars dated for a year back in 2003, though Garner ultimately ended up marrying Ben Affleck. Some girls pass by and recognize Sofia, and gush over her and ask for her autograph, while Carter sits there with red, wet eyes. Sofia is gently breaking Carter's (Adam Brody) heart, and he starts silently crying.She says she's going to fly out to Michigan to stay with her.