So Adam has got mixed ethnicity from France, Poland, Ireland and Germany.He is an American by nationality, and to find out more about his life and career, you can read his biography in Wikipedia or IMDB.It shows the reality of the '80s from a young boy's eyes.

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In 1999, he appeared in the Sixpence None The Richer music video "There She Goes".

Goldberg wrote, produced, directed and edited the features Scotch and Milk and I Love Your Work, as well as multiple television projects, notably including the philosophical travelogue Running with the Bulls for IFC.

Last week, we celebrated the return of ABC’s The Goldbergs for its sophomore season with a Celebrity Playlist from Sean Giambrone, a.k.a.

Adam Goldberg, and although we’d had the idea to reach out to someone from the series well before we knew anything about the plot of the season premiere, it couldn’t have been more thematically appropriate: in the episode, Adam follows up on the momentous occasion of his first kiss with Dana Caldwell, played by Natalie Alyn Lind, by creating a mixtape to express exactly how he feels about her. ) As you already know if you saw the closing moments of the season premiere, the real Adam really did have a girlfriend named Dana, and the real Dana really was the recipient of an emotion-laden mixtape made by the aforementioned Mr. #First Kiss #First Mix Tape = 1980's Correlation noted.

The Goldbergs is set in the 1980s in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania.

The show is loosely based on the showrunner's own childhood, during which he videotaped events, many of which are re-enacted throughout the program.

So I was understandably distraught to hear that Adam Goldberg, one of my favorite indie actors, was releasing an album this summer. ), or that he called his debut album Eros and Omissions, which is only punny if you think Freud was the king of zingers. It had a certain lush, moody John Lennon vibe to it.

My first reaction was somewhere in the ballpark of "No, no, no, no, please, please, please, Adam, don't do this! It seemed like the man who once stole our hearts with movies like Dazed and Confused, Saving Private Ryan and The Hebrew Hammer was all but daring us to roll our collective eyes at him. Not for everybody, sure, but also not the sort of musical exercise that makes it impossible to enjoy his films ever again without muttering, "Hey, remember when Adam Goldberg didn't suck? Although my inner journalist was compelled to force a deeper connection, the ironic similarities between Goldberg's life and his fictional counterpart ends there.

Beverly's father, Albert "Pops" Solomon (George Segal), is frequently around to provide advice or to help out his grandchildren (often behind his daughter's back).

The present-day "Adult Adam" (Patton Oswalt) narrates every episode as taking place in "1980-something".

Given that one of the biggest blockbusters of the year was based on a Hasbro toy, is your little art-house movie in trouble? But when you do small movies like this, you do it with the understanding that it's unlikely they'll ever be released.