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“The couple can be having a perfectly wonderful day and then he’ll get a call about a problem on the show and KABOOM! Of course, there’s a not-so-funny side to Alec’s rage: when he turns it onto a loved one, like his daughter Ireland. *shakes fist at cloud* Also, if Alec does end up single again, he should ask Adele out.

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PHOTOS: I'm Quitting the Biz: 16 Hollywood Retirements (and ' Retirements') Baldwin proposed to his girlfriend, yoga studio co-owner Hilaria Thomas, over the weekend in Long Island, according to The Huffington Post. ” Ireland, Baldwin’s 16-year-old daughter with former wife actress Kim Basinger, also tweeted, “Congratulations to @Alec Baldwin an @hilariathomas on getting engaged!

The actor and 28-year-old Thomas, who co-owns the Yoga Vida yoga studio in New York, met last year. Baldwin’s publicist, Matthew Hitzik, confirmed the news on Twitter: “Alec proposed to Hilaria this weekend & we're all excited 4 the newly engaged couple. Love you guys.” PHOTOS: ' Occupy Wall Street Hollywood': Entertainers On Scene of Protests And, NBC wrote via the official Twitter account, “Congratulations and warm wishes to our dashing leading man @Alec Baldwin on his engagement to Hilaria Thomas!

Alec Baldwin has been dating 28-year-old Hilaria Thomas for nearly a year. The 54-year-old Baldwin’s legendary temper has severely strained his relationship with his 28-year-old live-in-love Hilaria Thomas, “and unless he can get his explosive anger under some kind of management, the relationship is doomed,” an insider told The Enquirer.

kind of gross, except that I think Hilaria looks older than 28, so it’s not as gross as it could be, you know? Unfortunately, their relationship might be going south. Because it’s taken Hilaria nearly a year to realize that Alec Baldwin has anger management issues. Alec Baldwin’s May-December romance with his sexy young yoga instructor girlfriend is on the rocks.

Baldwin was born Hilaria Thomas in Spain, and has been married to Alec Baldwin since June 2012, after nearly a year of dating.

This is Alec Baldwin’s second marriage after he was married to Kim Basinger from 1990 to 2002.

Soon after they got together, Alec bought a little Manhattan lovenest near her studio, and he brings her to all of his events.

“Hilaria loves Alec, but she can’t stand his outbursts.

Baldwin told the Times that he "dated a lot of people" after he divorced his first wife, Kim Basinger, and thought carefully about what he desired going forward. "I wasn’t really ready to take that chance and to act until I met Hilaria.