The good news is that you and you alone control how quickly you recover.

And yes, we had fights, we were both jealous and IN love, but nothing seemed to be moving.

We were in the same phase for almost 4 years nonstop.

Below are a few of my suggestions that will hopefully help you decrease your recovery time, and maybe minimize the amount of mistakes made along the way…Here’s hoping, at any rate! (“Emotional Rehab”) – which is basically just my way of saying that it might be “time to go cold turkey” – at least for a little while!

As tempting as it is, if you are still in love with your EX, and he or she doesn’t reciprocate the feelings and intensity, then you’re better off making a clean break. Most people choose to ignore my advice, and remain their ex’s friend – somehow imagining if they do continue to be this wonderful, supportive friend, their EX will miraculously see the err of their ways – and take them back. Now some of you will insist on remaining “friends” with your ex (or have to due to classes, jobs or children together), so if you are attempting this, be sure to set some ground rules.

When you realize how universal the experience is it sometimes makes it easier to accept.

Because I like to obsessively analyze my emotions, I diagramed the cycle of emotions I went through after my breakup.You don’t want to eat, or you eat too much you have that horrible anxiety in your stomach, you can’t sleep, and wonder how you are ever going to cope without your ex. You are not alone either, read other peoples stories and what they have done to recover from their own relationship breakups.There is no specific time limit to recover from your relationship break up, as everyone is different, that’s the bad news.A breakup is one of the hardest things we go through in our life. This site is dedicated to helping you at every stage of your breakup, you will find advice on how to deal with heartbreak in the initial stages, and then what you do to take control of your life again and how to make a quick and full recovery from your own breakup.It can feel like your heart and body is physically hurting from the emotional pain you feel from your relationship breakup. You will also find advice on how to not pile on the pounds after a breakup and keep your diet healthy as well as help with the practical side like moving out, finances and eventually moving on after your relationship.I went GYM, started running & eating properly, got tanned etc.