In her role as Executive Director, Rye was tasked with developing the overall legislative and political strategy for the Caucus.

Prior to working for the CBC, she served as Senior Advisor and Counsel to the House Committee on Homeland Security under the leadership of Congressman Bennie G. Upon moving to the Nation’s Capital, Rye co-founded IMPACT, an nonprofit organization that seeks to encourage young professionals in three core areas: economic empowerment, civic engagement, and political involvement.

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Long before the environment became a fashionable cause, Lindvall established herself as modeling’s resident green queen, getting involved in initiatives like the Collage Foundation, aimed at educating young people about eco causes, which she founded in 2001.

“It’s not about chaining yourself to a tree—although I certainly understand why people do that,” says Lindvall, whose interest in the subject was piqued as a 17-year-old fledgling model, after leaving her native Missouri for gritty New York. “I’ve probably missed jobs because of it.”That kind of admission might be a cause of concern for some veteran models who have a whole new class of stars to contend with, but for Lindvall—at 34, an industry icon who’s graced almost 100 magazine covers (including —the long commute to the world’s fashion capitals is a small price to pay for the five-bedroom stucco house on a lush, seven-acre stretch in L.

Angela Rye is Principal and CEO of IMPACT Strategies, a political advocacy firm in the nation’s capital.

She is a CNN Political Commentator and NPR Political Analyst.

The depth of her dialogue ranges from political campaigns to more complex legislation and administration policies that have long-term implications nationally and internationally.

She currently serves on the boards of the Congressional Black Caucus Institute, Congressional Black Caucus Political Action Committee (CBCPAC), the Seattle University School of Law Alumni, Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network, Inclusv, and Wilberforce University.

She was a Victoria's Secret Angel from 1997 to 2005.

By the early 2000s, Banks was one of the world's top-earning models.

2007 proved to be more lucky when she had a big Bardot-like spread in March’s Vogue Paris, and then got the cover for their April issue.