Vaimo helps clients all over the world to achieve e Commerce success.We have positioned ourselves as one of the top Magento solutions providers by having helped more than 400 B2C and B2B online store owners to move their online business forward without compromise.Founder Catherine Seay cut her teeth as a barista at antipodean bean mecca Kaffeine, before setting out on her own in 2012 with Curators Coffee Studio, a tiny but hectically popular place in the City. Arranged over two floors, it is a muted homage to all things bean, with dark wooden walls and a display of coffee apparatus, from Aero Presses to glass percolators, which you can learn to use at their various brewing workshops.

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It will speed up the transformation of the Square Mile’s image from a culinary wasteland of sandwich counters and wine bars.

It follows the opening, earlier this year, of The Ned members’ club and dining complex — which has nine restaurants — in the former Midland Bank building on Poultry.

At the moment it is Espresso Punch — strawberries, mint and plummy Kenyan espresso served cold, topped with sparkling water. It is an interesting idea but fell short because the fruit muted the bean and took away its punch. The latest coffee trend involves brewing overnight in cold water for at least eight hours before filtering.

Ours was served with ice on the side, so you can water it down to your liking.

The collecting of maps has long illustrated the history of discovery of the continents of the world.

Amongst the continents, the Australian has had a particular attraction in the imagination of explorers and map makers, from Terra Australis Incognita to Beach to the Great South Land to New Holland to Ulimaroa and finally to Australia.

It is based in part on the map collection of Dick Johnson, whose interest in the history of the discovery of Australia led him to collect early maps by the Dutch, Italian and English cartographers.

It has been augmented by our interest in maps, which we have pursued since 1976, our first year in business.

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