Well, this has been bugging me because we have several Apple TV’s throughout the house and I was personally sick and tired of seeing the same 100 images every day and only “occasionally” seeing one or two new one’s now and again. /bin/bash # Get a Random Number Between 1 and 10 r=$(( $RANDOM % 10 )); echo $r shift=`expr $r % 2` if [ $shift -eq 0 ]; then # Switch Odd Numbers to Even Numbers r2=$(( $r 1)); echo $r2 # Change to Photos Directory cd /Users/yourusername/Pictures/APPLE_TV/ # Modify Exif Dates Adding 1 Month and Touch Files Adding 1 Hour for filename in *$r2*.jpg; do exiftool "-All Dates =0:1:0 0" $filename; touch -r $filename -A '010000' $filename; done # Clean up After EXIFTOOL rm *.jpg_original # Delete the Apple TV Photo Cache Folder rm -rf /Users/yourusername/Pictures/APPLE_TV/Apple\ TV\ Photo\ Cache else # Switch Even Numbers to Odd Numbers r3=$(( $r -1)); echo $r3 # Change to Photos Directory cd /Users/yourusername/Pictures/APPLE_TV/ # Modify Exif Dates Going back 4 hours and Touch Files going back 24 hours for filename in *$r3*.jpg; do exiftool "-All Dates-=0:4:0 0" $filename; touch -r $filename -A '-240000' $filename; done # Clean Up After EXIFTOOL rm *.jpg_original # Delete the Apple TV Photo Cache Folder rm -rf /Users/yourusername/Pictures/APPLE_TV/Apple\ TV\ Photo\ Cache fi What this does now is it randomly selects files based on a random number which changes each time the script is run. It will take all files with a 1 in them and change their EXIF date and increment all the dates inside the file’s EXIF data by 1 year.

So this morning I wrote a little bash script to completely randomize the folder containing the images and force the Apple TV to always fetch new images and over a day of testing I am happy to release this publicly for those having problems or getting irritated by this behavior of their expensive but rather poorly finished Apple product. Then it cleans up after exiftool which creates a copy of each original file ending with .jpg_original and we don’t want duplicates lying around, then it does a touch on the same set of files so that their modified date is “now” and then finally it takes the number 1 switches it to 2 and renames all the 1’s in the file names to 2.

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Apple Inc., formerly Apple Computer, Inc., is a multinational corporation that creates consumer electronics, personal computers, servers, and computer software, and is a digital distributor of media content.

The company also has a chain of retail stores known as Apple Stores.

Here’s how to make My Photo Stream start syncing to Photos again.

Apple released Photos for Mac as a replacement for i Photo earlier this year.

There's more weight to speculation that an Apple TV 5 is on the way thanks to developer logs spotted in March 2017 that reveal a mysterious new Apple device.

The co-founder of Firi Games spotted the new hardware, which showed up as 'Apple TV6,2' in the logs.Also read: How to set up the Apple TV | Apple TV tips UK A new Apple TV, capable of playing 4K content, may launch this year, according to a Bloomberg report.This fifth-generation Apple TV, codenamed J105, will also offer "more vivid" colours, according to Bloomberg's sources.We examine the rumours and speculate on when Apple will update the device, and discuss the new hardware and software features (such as 4K and HDR, backed up by the Home Pod leak) to expect from the fifth-generation Apple TV.If you're looking for information about the fourth-gen Apple TV - the first Apple TV device to allow users to install apps - unveiled by Apple in 2015, we've got plenty of details, including pricing and the best places to buy in our Apple TV buying guide.For most people, the transition was smooth and Photos has been a great upgrade to a much more modern and streamlined app.