Over the years, this has gone in so many directions ranging from the wholesome to the vomit-inducing.

Sometimes, a relationship is used as the impetus for a feud as one person cheats on their significant other or they're pursued by another man or womanthink of the love triangle between Matt Hardy, Lita and Edge.

Other times, we see two people pick each other up when they've been knocked down like Miss Elizabeth's role for Randy Savage.

Although the bread and butter of sports entertainment has always been in-ring action and bitter rivalries for championship titles, the soap opera element can be just as prominent no matter what era you're looking at.

Naturally, when crafting storylines set up to get two or more people to fight each other, there's a limited amount of resources one can tap to get the ball rolling, and one of the trusty go-to plot elements has always been the romance angle.

theres been alot going on family wise and to top it all off my internet decided to kick the bucket.

ive been without it for a couple of weeks so have been unable to get on here.

It served as one of those moments in wrestling history where things were a little too real.

Until today, the love triangle drama has been dormant.

The seemingly innocent post tagged both Matt and Jeff along with their wives and children. Hardy's harsh words don't come without precedent, though.

Her husband, Matt, was more than just tag team partners with Lita.

Matt Hardy had a notoriously public break up with WWE diva Lita after she had an affair with another wrestler, Edge.