O.) Sooner or later though, you always have to wake up... CITY - NIGHT A SCREECH OF BRAKES as a vehicle WIPES FRAME, revealing -- JAKE SULLY, a scarred and scruffy combat vet, sitting in a beat up carbon-fiber wheelchair. BENEATH THE SHUTTLE air blasts outward for a hundred meter radius as it settles onto its landing gear. Inside the chain-link tunnel are a couple of SEC-OPS TROOPERS, CORPORAL LYLE WAINFLEET and PRIVATE FIKE. At 22, his eyes are hardened by the wisdom and wariness of one who has endured pain beyond his years. MAGLEV TRAINS WHOOSH overhead on elevated tracks, against a sky of garish advertizing. O.) They can fix a spinal, if you've got the money. The traffic light changes and Jake pushes forward with the crowd, pumping the wheels of his chair. Jake laboriously pulls his pants off -- rocking to one side, pushing the fabric down past his hip, then rocking to the other, and so on. INSIDE everybody is queued up in the aisles, with duffles ready. FADE IN: WE ARE FLYING through mist, a dimly glimpsed forest below. O.) When I was lying there in the VA hospital, with a big hole blown through the middle of my life, I started having these dreams of flying. A WALL-SIZED SCREEN filled with the World Cup game -- men RUNNING on antelope legs. Let's nobody be dead today, it looks bad on my report. HAND-HELD, running with the arriving colonists who double time down the ramp. They are heavily armored, and armed with a huge rotary cannon called a GAU-90. It STABS at him through the chain link with a tail ending in a glistening stiletto. The bare arms, below tightly rolled sleeves, seem hewn out of some hard tropical wood. PUSH IN ON JAKE, watching as the briefing continues. O.) Nothing like an old-school safety brief to put your mind at ease. CORRIDOR People are roaming in both directions, looking for rooms, lugging duffels and cases.

Northup was a free man of color in mid-19th Century Saratoga, NY, lovingly caring for his wife and two young children and playing the fiddle for parties in the region.

Taken in by con men while his family is away, Northup is kidnapped and sold into slavery under another name.

Now that the film is over, she is again on a weight-shedding exercise.

For her fans, she sends out a strong message that they would be in for a surprise in a month or so as she would appear in a ‘slim avatar’.

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With his phenomenal, determined performance as Solomon Northup in Steve Mc Queen's film ), it could happen!

If, like Jette, you read Northup's biography/slave narrative in school, you're familiar with the story.

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