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Cam has an instructional DVD called “Fiddle Improv” which was recorded on Vancouver Island with Doug Cox.

He has two recordings of original music, “Beats Crime“, a collection of music that has been called “jug jazz” and ,“The Cam Neufeld Connection - Live @ Bonnie Doon Hall“.

The practice provides similar benefits to conservation organizations like The American Eagle Foundation and agencies like the —using a trip-wire to trigger a camera, allowing an animal to “photograph themselves.” For years, camera trapping has been considered a cost-effective and less-disruptive alternative to live human observation, but the results were a mixed bag: photos could be blurry or distorted and motion sensors could be triggered by falling branches, rain, or other non-animal activity.

Despite the limitations, Thomas Kucera and Reginald Barrett’s explains that remote observation enabled by camera traps plays a crucial role in a variety of scientific activities, from discovering new species, to tracking endangered populations, to learning about animal behavior.

Their widespread popularity with the general public isn’t actually surprising, though—in fact, it may be evolutionarily hardwired., in parallel with the rise of zoos and early conservation movements in the mid-19th century.

In the 20th century, one early internet pioneer was the first to harness newly-available webcam technology to bring live animal observation out of the wild and into the cubicle.

This show has been performed using as many as fifteen musicians and dancers to a solo show using foot rhythms and looping technology .