See more » "Girl House" has been called a slasher film for the digital age.

The theme was done to death before the turn of the Millennium, though here there is a new twist, a couple of dudes are watching the carnage live on-line but are unable to warn the victims as one by one they are done to death by a disgruntled weirdo who has been driven into a frenzy by a cruel joke.

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Twitter users pointed out last week that T-shirts on the site with some very race-specific quotes and phrases were being modeled exclusively by white women.

The site is facing criticism for seemingly having no black models on hand to wear shirts with sayings like 'Black Girl Magic, 'melanin & mascara', and 'unapologetically black'.

Nonetheless, it has its flaws of course, it could have been pulled off smarter, this movie doesn't escape from some clichés, like knocking the killer out and instead of just finishing him, they just run away and hide, I mean they filmed a hammer he had attached to his back, she could have grabbed it and just killed him right there; also, some of the acting could have been better, but I really enjoyed this film, the main character was likable and not stupid, actually, there weren't that many stupid moves in this film, would watch it again, totally.

Online retailer Zazzle has come under fire for a lack of diversity in the models it has cast for its website — which has led to some incredibly awkward consequences.

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On Saturday, Izabel Laxamana got out of a car and jumped from a highway overpass, landing on Interstate 5 below, police said. Police believe an unidentified third party uploaded the video, thinking it would help.

She was rushed to a local hospital where she later died. While her father may have intended the video to be a personal reminder for his daughter’s eyes only, her suicide has prompted a larger debate over the public punishments that can haunt children online — years after they broke the rules.

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