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With a line of brilliant minds from, Menelik I, was the son King Solomon and the queen of Sheba, Lalibela the 13th century king show build beautiful churches, Musical composer Yared from the 15th century.

Ethiopia is a strange and mysterious place and in my mind and Ethiopian women are beautiful.

“Who knows what will happen at the end of the evening.

Either way, each person will have a great 3 course meal, with men and women who they may not have had the opportunity to meet otherwise.” states Dionne.

Do you know anything about the culture or people, it is rich and ancient.

Its civilization is one of the oldest in the world and starts about the 10th century B.

As a result of her survey Dionne discovered that as many as 60% of black females and 40% of black men over 30 expressed that they found it harder to meet prospective partners as they got older.