The supreme form of human, according to Hitler, was the Germanic person, characterized by his or her fair skin, blond hair and blue eyes.

It was like we were from another world.” Such youthful adulation was entirely fitting given the subject matter of .

Tommy Ramone wrote the song as his own celebration of rock fandom.

In calling off Operation Sea Lion, Adolf Hitler, the Supreme Commander of the world's most powerful armed forces, had suffered his first major setback.

Nazi Germany had stumbled in the skies over Britain but Hitler was not discouraged.

And I started bashing away on it and came up with the chords.” The heady thrill of it all is captured in the first verse.

“They're forming in a straight line / They're going through a tight wind / The kids are losing their minds / The Blitzkrieg Bop,” spurts Joey in his best bubblegum-punk.

My tonality finally got to her and she came back all the way to where I was and started to game me.

She asked me, where you from, you are very interesting, and so on.

For Hitler, the war itself was first and foremost a racial struggle and he viewed all aspects of the conflict in racial terms.

He considered the peoples of Western Europe and the British Isles to be racial comrades, ranked among the higher order of humans.

“It was basically about a few kids going to a concert,” he explains, “getting away from it all and having a great time.