Therefore the 1953 BSA season ran from August 1952 through to July 1953.

The listing has been drawn up using despatch book information cross referenced with listings from other BSA sources such as parts lists and dealer service sheets.

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The despatch books only go back to 1930 in total with some models books going back to 1925.

Therefore anything listed before 1929 cannot be cross referenced but the information is taken from official BSA documents for these earlier machines.

If your Bantam hasn’t been on the road since 1983 then there is a good chance you don’t have a V5 for it.

You can use the Club Dating Officer facility to register your bike with the DVLA to obtain one.

The BSA Owners’ Club is the main custodian of all official BSA records,dating back to 1907; The club also has an extensive library of everything BSA, including: Despatch Records, Factory Parts Books, Handbooks, Catalogues and Service Sheets, and so much more.

This material is readily available to all our members through our ‘Members Area’.In this situation you are advised to apply for an age related registration mark.The original registration records were placed in archives in some, but not all of the former licensing authorities.This machine would not be able to be registered under either of the above routes.In this circumstance contact the librarian to discuss further.The DVLA may require the bike is inspected by themselves or an appointed agent to verify the details are correct before re-instating or issuing a Registration.