Stoll flashed her diamond ring when she and her future husband attended The Paddy Wallace Fund in Belfast Thursday.

Mc Ilroy and Stoll have been dating for about a year, and the 26-year-old Irishman decided he was ready to spend the rest of his life with Stoll on a recent trip to Paris.

Now she’s giving a former basketball player a shot.

Out of nowhere, Woz tweeted out a photo of her and David Lee walking side by side, with the heart-eyes and boy-girl hand-in-hand emoji.

The former world number one, 24, revealed he proposed to his tennis superstar girlfriend on New Year's Eve.

The Irish sporting star posted a picture on the social networking site of an engagement ring and called it his "first victory" of 2014.

Even though Mc Ilroy called Stoll "someone new," he has known her for a few years.

Like many couples before them, they started out as "good friends" and transitioned into coupledom.

I broke it off when I split up with Martina (Hingis) but Morgan-Leigh was the one who left me. “When you are the one who leaves someone, you can usually get over it quicker.

But either way it is always a hard thing to do when you have been someone for a long time, for a period of years, and shared so much together.

Although the golfer likes to keep his private life out of the limelight, he did give some insight into his relationship when it started to get serious."I am very happy in my love life," Mc Ilroy said. She is from America, which is why I like to spend time in Palm Beach."Stoll's effect on Mc Ilroy seems to be only positive.