If you’re an Xbox fan that’s been been following Major Nelson’s Blog for a decent amount of time, you might know about the Xbox One: Road to Launch Tour and the five cities that Major Nelson plans to hit on the path to the Xbox One’s launch.

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A highlight came a bit after waiting when someone brought their original Xbox in for Major Nelson to sign. Major Nelson took the guy’s Xbox to the front of the store, placed it in front of the Xbox One and said “Xbox, meet your Grandson!

” It was a great touch and everyone got a laugh out of it. Sadly, the hour and fifteen minutes I waited wasn’t enough time to get my hands on Forza 5.

After I got in line, I found out that there were only two Xbox One consoles available for the entire event, which didn’t bode very well for the scads of people waiting outside the store.

The other Xbox One was mounted in an arcade cabinet showcasing Killer Instinct, and that line went much faster due to two people playing at once. All in all, it was nice to get my hands on the controller, but it would’ve been a much better event were there more consoles available.

Once they reach 5.000 members, they may consider their community a success. Do you think there are a generic set of accomplishments that every online community needs to achieve in order to be successful?

A large corporation developing a community in order to build a relationship with its customers will have completely different criteria for success. You will struggle to declare your online community a success if you don’t have any goals or targets. Know what you want to achieve and strive to reach your goals. Share your thoughts and opinions by leaving a comment below.

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