It's time to cut the crap and allow pregnant women to feel ugly, wretched, bloated, unattractive, and miserable — you know, if how they feel.

Don't wear this fabric or your baby will have cancer.

Especially in the first trimester, morning (or all-day) sickness can put a damper on your sex life.

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“Talk about it,” Fulbright insists, explaining that staying physically and emotionally connected now will significantly up your odds of staying close throughout childbirth and into new-parenthood.

Queasies & miscarriage fears When you want to puke, you probably don't want to have sex.

Don't drink this drink or you will have a miscarriage.

Maybe hating our bodies is the natural response to all that scrutiny.

Sensitivity “People are definitely most surprised that [pregnant sex] can be more orgasmic,” says Dr. (Some women even orgasm for the first time ever.) This same sensitivity can also make things too intense, so let your partner know if you need to take it slow.

Curves Gaining a few dozen pounds might not sound so alluring, but plenty of couples revel in a mom's newfound “womanly” figure. “I am not sure my husband notices my belly because he is too busy looking at my D boobies,” jokes catycombs, a soon-to-be-mom chatting on the boards.I wasn't going to mommy hell for daring to think something negative about the process of cooking my little one. But voices like my friend's are drowned out by the voices that tell women how they "should" feel during this magical time — alive! More beautiful than Meanwhile, our culture often seeks to shame and guilt pregnant moms for what we eat, how much we eat, how much we exercise (or don't). You could get that disease from eating this cheese. I looked far more inviting and voluptuous than I thought I did at the time. Yes, there are women who felt gorgeous when they were pregnant, sure.Speak with your doctor about adding a prenatal multivitamin to your morning routine.At least 400 micrograms of folic acid every day can help prevent certain birth defects that affect your baby's brain, heart, and spinal cord, especially if you take it before you conceive and in the early weeks of your pregnancy. I look back at photos of myself when I was pregnant and feel sexy. But I should know better than anyone that if they aren't feeling it, it doesn't matter what I say.