A room for Lego collectors to chat about all things Lego, old themes to current themes, even franchises you want Lego sets for.

No harassment, swear words, bullying, or anything to disrupt the peace will be tolerated.

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Do not harass another player to get this information.

Language: Please do not swear or use any word that can be considered offensive; be kind and civil to other players at all times.

Spamming: please do not spam the chat with pointless text, club invites, or player IDs. Spam is defined as the following: • Identical links more than once per chat page. Please be considerate to other players with different religions, sex, nationalities, languages, races, preferences, or any form of belief or opinion.

Personal Attacks: Any verbal attacks, flaming, hate, or harassment directed at a person, group, Alliance, or organization is considered Harassment (see above).

Solicitation and sexual conversation: This is a family friendly game; please do not engage in adult conversation or pursue a relationship with another player in the chat.

Personal information: We advise against giving out your personal information, such as Facebook or Instant Messenger details.

The Dangers of Online Chat Rooms Remember the story of Little Red Riding Hood? How well does a kid or teen know about their chat buddy?

Remember who she thought to be her grandma, turned out to be the Big Bad Wolf? In chat rooms, there is a wall between the people who are chatting and getting acquainted with each other. Are they their classmate, someone from their school or college, or neighborhood?

A lonely child, who is having a hard time at school or even at home, may easily find solace in sharing their feelings with someone who “seems” to care and understand them.