After a lot of back and forth, the support dude escalated the case to a more senior person.

I get an email a few days after - get a hold of this....(translated from Swedish) : In connection with the 2013 tv-models being updated to the user interface and features of the 2015 models, an initialisation process needs to run when the TV boots up. You cannot downgrade the tv, back to a prior firmware according to Samsung. You'll wait until hell freezes over when you see 'try again later'It's in limbo until you do something about it.

I have searched and read multiple posts through the years about the same issue.

I have had my SONOS system for 4 years and have had my Music Library, at one point, working perfectly, but recently I did a force refresh from the i Phone app & it crashed and now the library is completely gone and when I go to re-add my library I get the message that everyone gets, "Please wait". Unplugged my Bridge and all 5 of my speakers for 20sec, no go.

Hi All, I am using webforms,, Visual Studio 2015, C#.

I have an update panel that is used to capture quite a few criteria values for a report - users make selections from listboxes, dropdowns etc.

Once they have captured all the values they need for the report, they click on a search\show report button that resides outside of the update panel.

Once the button is clicked I hide the update panel and show a gridview with the data returned - all on the same aspx page..

If your battery still won’t charge above 40 percent, your Surface might need service.

Go to Surface troubleshooting and support for more info.

I am self taught and most of the articles found I have not been able to implement.

It would be greatly appreciated if I could get some guidance with this. Micang MSDN Community Support Please remember to click "Mark as Answer" the responses that resolved your issue.

Interrupting updates while they’re in progress could damage your Surface.