If another source could be added in order to support a full usage of the ^dji symbol, I would give this 5 stars, no questions asked!

Thank you to the developer for creating this app, it is extremely useful and one of a kind for our newer devices. Thank you for making an app that I can check all my personal stocks on. If you have any issues the developer responds very quickly and fixes them.

Inside, we’ll highlight how to add new widgets to Notification Center along with several widget recommendations. Step 2: In the sidebar, you will see a section called Notification Center Widgets. Step 2: click the Edit/New button at the bottom of the Today View.

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The OS X Dashboard, now 10 years old, is an afterthought for most Mac users.

We’ve previously written about how to disable Dashboard in OS X Mavericks, although it required the use of a Terminal command.

Although Dashboard is disabled by default in Yosemite, Apple has elected to provide an easy to use System Preference option to enable and disable it — no need for Terminal commands here!

If you’ve just installed Yosemite and want to enable Dashboard, head to System Preferences Mission Control.

I use Mini Play to control both i Tunes music and Spotify streaming.

I really like this widget because it features large album art, has the ability to scrub music, and has all of the playback controls immediately accessible.

So if the dow is at 21000, it will show 210, so you have do a little math in your head to get it to work.

The Nasdaq can be entered as ^IXIC and the S&P 500 can go in as ^GSPC.

Dash Note – Making use of Simplenote, Dash Note allows you to access your Simplenote notes from your Mac Dashboard.

If you are unfamiliar with Simplenote, the service allows you to make small notes, from grocery lists to packing lists, all made accessible over multiple platforms.

Here, you’ll see a new drop-down menu labeled Dashboard. Off, as you may guess, completely disables the feature, while the other two options provide different ways of viewing the Dashboard.