The flange was made from the same die from which all the flanges had been made since the late 20's.The peghead shape and color is an interesting story by itself.

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Earl had let Jim Faulkner from Indianapolis put a new neck on his banjo.

Jim was the creator of the Scruggs/Ruben capo and, according to Earl, he wanted to build a neck for Earl's banjo at the time.

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1920's, when Gibson's Lloyd Loar designed the first f-hole guitar, his Master Model L5.

This invention had a major impact in the look and sound of guitar/mandolin manufacture because up until this time, the tops of guitars had only a large sound-hole.

Earl really didn't want a new neck, but, since Jim was such a nice guy, he let him take the banjo home with him after playing Bean Blossom in 71 or 72.