Sure, you can frequent the girly bars, there’s plenty of them, and a young lady like that might be just what you are looking for. You should make the time to get onto a Vietnamese dating site and learn a little about how the women think and behave.

Dating a vietnamese girl tips Unmonitored cam to cam chatting

One of the legacies of that conflict is that the women in Vietnam remain ever hopeful that a nice young western lad will come and take them away from their current life.

SE Asian women are looking for a long term relationship so it’s not all that easy at times to find one who just wants to be your girlfriend on your holiday to her country.

In particular, you’ll want to focus on courting Vietnamese women.

Keep reading to discover five reasons why Vietnamese women are wonderful to date.

Oh wait...they're one and the same) who are liberating Asian females from "evil" Asian men. Why are you NOT concerned with protecting one of your own Asians from a creepywhiteguy?

Notice, I'm not saying this because he's white but because he's cleary a yellow fever creep.good for you, VN women are not picky about looks but you need to show you're hard working, kind, and generous to them. From what I gathered, a lot of Vietnamese women are stylish, which means they're also somewhat materialistic (not saying all, don't flame me, but a lot.) So if you want to be in her good graces, you really have to step it up in terms of being able to provide.Show you'll be good husband material = good provider. I don't have anything specific BTW, what's wrong with Japanese and korean women? That includes paying for meals, buying brand name stuff, etc............omg"Done dating jap and kor woman x D ---"This creepy white guy can't even be bothered to spell out or capitalize their ethnicities. For the rest of you, this guy clearly has a creepy yellow fever fixation.Yet, here you (posters) are advising him on how to trun his yellow fever on some Vietnamese girl. Learn from your "rugged white heroes" (not to be confused with the ones that invaded/brutalized/poisoned/raped China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Philipines, Indonesia. You should ask yourselves, why are you more concerned with him getting his creepy Asian fetish satisfied?Be polite to their parents and respectful of their culture, learn to like fish sauce and any strange sauce they use with their food. They're also really big on being filial and respectful to parents/family -- that also means being able to help out the family.