*As a helpful tip for all you Anglophones, almost everybody speaks English, especially the younger people. If you put the site HTMLs into google translate, google will translate the site for you.*I’ve included stops on The Taipei subway system (MRT) for some of the places so that you can get an idea of where they are.) is a 1993 romantic comedy film about a gay Taiwanese immigrant man who marries a mainland Chinese woman to placate his parents and get her a green card.

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There is also an excellent lesbian burger place in Red House called Cosbys.

“I believe this is the first time [there has been such a scheme] only tailored for wealthy women,” Mr Du told The Daily Telegraph this week during a visit to Shanghai, one of the cities he is tapping for potential husbands.

Red House (MRT Ximen) Easily reachable via MRT, Red House is a major shopping area and the location of the first gay bar in Taipei.

The Red House was built in 1908; it’s a major historical land mark and the area around it has grown to include Thai restaurants and leather bars.

Taipei has outstanding food, outstanding public transportation and outstanding lesbians.

People here are really friendly (every time I’m lost, two or three people come up and help me figure out where I am).

They want a good wife and a good mother but they don’t necessarily want a successful women because [they think she] will spend lots of time on business [but] not on the family.

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It’s truly a beautiful thing to behold, especially from the second-floor balcony that overlooks the whole club (which also handily facilitates cruising for other queer ladies).

This quiet little street is conveniently near several other popular tourist destinations, including the National Dr.

Wai-Tung Gao and Simon are a happy gay couple living in Manhattan.