That person may have clicked on the Virtual Kiss link, but as you did not get a personal reply from them, you have know way of knowing what their intention is. if you want you can check out mine and perhaps we can get to know each other a bit better ? Sincerly, "Lucky" Lisa In this scam, you receive email that looks like someone is replying to your profile, but in reality it's random spam that takes you to their home page which automatically redirects you to with their affiliate ID code.

You then get a email that might say something along the lines of "User xxxxxxxx has sent you a virtual kiss.

This means that they have seen your profile and would like for you to email them..." Now getting such an email might be a big thrill and you might think "great, this person likes me...", but stop and think for a moment...

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Beware of the "Virtual Kiss" features offered by many Internet Dating sites.

The schemers establish an online relationship with a potential victim by requesting emotional support for some personal event.

By doing this, the scammer slowly cultivates a relationship that they hope will translate into significant goodwill and ultimately into financial gain.

After making contact, the fraudster will attempt to develop a deeper relationship with the victim. FBI Special Agent Christine Beining, a financial fraud investigator in the FBI’s Houston Division points to the advantage fraudsters gain from the inherent anonymity of the web.

“The Internet makes this type of crime easy because you can pretend to be anybody you want to be.

So make sure you thoroughly check out the persons profile before deciding to spend your hard earned money replying... well anyway my relationship hasn't gotten any better so i'm eager to find someone to escape the long days with so if your intrested go take a look at me at a different site that is free: