When your guy won't answer his calls, knowing how to handle the situation can make the difference between communicating your needs effectively and coming off as needy.Before you give up and stop calling for good, consider the real reasons behind his lack of adequate phone etiquette.

Start by saying something such as, "I want to understand why you aren't answering my calls. " If he retorts with, "I don't know," don't back down.

Make it clear that this subject is important to you, and that you would like to understand the problem, and ideally have him start answering your calls. While you want your guy to respect you and answer your calls, you also need to respect his needs and boundaries.

In fact, many of them will give you their number so that you can just get off their back. Many ladies who are in a serious relationship will never want anything that can distract them from that relationship.

    I would suggest that you stop calling her and start seeing other girls. She isn't telling you the truth about the phone calls, so she hardly deserves an explanation from you as to who you date or not. You deserve better, so get out there and find a girl that enjoys being with you.

Whether you met a woman in the club at church or up the street there is one thing you will find quite similar in almost all of them and that is answering the phone.

A lot of men are quite always worried why a woman is not picking their calls.

With them you should be able to tell is the woman is serious with you or not. She is not interested in you Despite a woman giving out her number she might not be interested in you and at times she will not see the reason to pick your calls.

Most women will just give you their numbers, but they will never bother to pick your calls at all even after you had a cup of coffee together. She is busy and you did not do enough to warrant her attention The mere fact that she gave her number should not make you feel that she is thinking of you.

Yes, everyone will talk about that since it's the topic of the thread. As I said, I don't need the control freak in my life. They take pics and texts their friends right afterwards. I hate texting, but will do it if someone texts me.