I have been lurking the site for a while now reading and learning from the great minds that reside here.

I am a senior majoring in Computer Engineering with an emphasis is Security.

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Here is how it works: If you’re interested in connecting with someone on Tinder, then just anonymously Swipe Right to Like them; or Swipe Left to Pass. Chat with your matches and get to know them inside of Tinder.

With Tinder’s ‘Smart Profiles’ we let you know when you share common friends and interests with your potential matches.

This can be done with a neat piece of software called pwdump3.

It's installed on Back Track already, but you can download it for free on Windows using the link below.

Question is, how did he do it without knowing the password? The combination of these keys launches OS X Recovery.

Mac OS X Lion (10.7) through El Capitan (10.11) include OS X Recovery.

If you don't know the name of your computer, simply type "hostname" as the command prompt and Windows will return the name of your computer.

Pwdump3 can retrieve the password hashes from any computer on your network!

I, too, have some knowledge that I would like to share with all of you.

This post actually comes from a personal problem I faced and had to find a solution for. Your girlfriend needs to type a very important report for her Accounting class but she forgot the password to her Mac Book Pro.

When you hit enter, pwdump3 will grab the password hashes and place them in the file called "hashdumpfile.txt".