That fact is especially true for the 123-mile stretch from Monterey to Morro Bay.

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With cozy accommodations and superb hospitality, a bed and breakfast is the perfect hideaway for those young relationships.

Let someone else cook breakfast while you both relax before exploring the sights and shops.

Filled with exotic animals or timeless artwork, a zoo or museum is just what you need to mix it up.

It’s always fun to get up close and personal with the animals.

When you find the right companion to be stuck in the car with for hours at a time, these road trip ideas will help you plan the perfect getaway whether you have a long weekend or a week to take your romance on the road!

Find a home away from home and drive to a quaint bed and breakfast just outside your city or town.

Say that you want to start the conversation by sharing each other’s craziest travel adventures. That’s not what normal people do, but it can be quite fun, especially when you have to travel to get to the next café. They are adventurous, they are fun and they make the heart of every travel enthusiast thump.

If you are on a date with a fellow travel enthusiast, your suggestion can make all the difference. And yes, with some adventurous people you can actually make a road trip on the first date.

No, I am not talking about my inability to keep a job. It can be extremely painful to date a notorious traveler and it can get even more problematic when both people are travel enthusiasts.