Sure, they talked on the phone or maybe sent the occasional letter, but the core of their relationship centered on face-to-face interactions.A subtle shift seems to be occurring in today’s dating relationships and it warrants our attention.

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"We Skyped every day, and even left it on after we went to bed so we could watch each other sleep.

It's cute, but ridiculous." [ If you're the type who can't eat if your significant other hasn't texted you back in 15 minutes, this relationship is not for you.

"We talked multiple hours a day, every day," says Julie, 31, who met her husband during the first day of a Hawaiian vacation.

"We’d spend all the time we were supposed to be sleeping or studying on the phone with each other." "We joke that we were going to invite the inventor of Skype to our wedding," said Ashley, 25, who met her now-live-in boyfriend on vacation in Miami.

The next day, he texted the 26-year-old, “How’s it going?

” and the pair had a little back-and-forth before agreeing to meet up for a date after Thanksgiving. Even though they’d already set up a date, the guy kept texting Elisa throughout the break with various “just checking in” messages, including a “Happy Thanksgiving :)” text.

So if I can talk about this with dudes, anyone can. Like I said, this might be a slightly awkward convo – there might be no getting around that. Would you rather be lame and sit around waiting to hear what he thinks or would you rather take the initiative and find out where his head is on your own? Here’s what to do: first of all, this conversation should happen in person, not through text messages, Facebook chats or even on the phone.

Second of all, you should be relatively calm when you bring it up.

Dating someone you meet on vacation is like New Coke, right?

An idea absolutely destined to fail that, if you're really unlucky, spawns something horrifically toxic in the process. We have no idea -- we don't know Jill -- but we did talk to a bunch of women like her (and Texting (or, if you’re dating someone overseas, Whats App-ing) is great, but can also be done while at the gym, eating dinner, or, God forbid, on a date with another person.

Technology that once supplemented relationship development is now, it seems, taking on a larger role in relationship formation and maintenance.