Well as you know most of us have done the Insanity workout and if you have done it then you know it is called Insanity for a reason! Focus T25 works smarter and gives the best results you have ever seen in 25 minutes a day!

I am really loving the workout so far and at 25 minutes it is awesome! Overall like I said you will get results from either.

There is such joy in not having to pretend to be something else!

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Check out an excerpt below: Being a gay professional athlete was even harder—almost tumultuous.

DON’T WORRY, I’m not gonna get up on a soap box and preach to you about gays, gayness, or politics—my goal here is to simply talk about acceptance.

At the end of the day it is moderation and consistency that is going to get you the results you crave. You will need to create a lifestyle change that will include healthy eating and exercise in any form to stay healthy.

I mean after the 60 days of either of these workouts what are you going to do?

The montage included a particularly heart wrenching segment where Scott describes growing up gay, and feeling out of place.

Scott details the pain and uncertainty he felt throughout much of his adult life, that all seemed to dissolve upon meeting Shaun.

All I ever wanted was to be accepted for who I was, and because I didn’t see any “normal” gay people, I thought gay was bad.

Think about this: what if having blue eyes was freakish…or having blond hair was considered abnormal…or having a second toe longer than your big toe was wrong. It wasn’t until I met Shaun and his amazing self that I learned that being gay was amazing, because I was being ME…a genuine ME! Some days, I regress and try to make everyone think I have no faults, but when I wake up from that haze and realize what I have been doing, I fix it.

Always know that the light at the end of every tunnel is YOUR light.