Seyfried, 30, and Sadoski, 39, were previously friend after appearing alongside one another in the off-Broadway show, The Way We Get By, last year.

It’s said that the twosome took their relationship to the next level after reconnecting on the set of their new movie.

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Whether or not you guess the film’s biggest twists, Andre Ovredal seems to understand the basic human anxieties about gazing at a recently deceased corpse, and he finds a smart balance of clinical distance and ghoulish showmanship as our heroes carve deeper into the body on their table.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe is a creepy motion picture, festering with atmosphere and frequently very frightening.

The mortician is a character who has to be in the film, because homicide detectives don’t usually conduct autopsies themselves, but most of the time they just spout some quick exposition about the cause of death and then do something funny like nonchalantly eat a sandwich, and then they disappear into the ether because the mortician is rarely the most important character in any movie.

Which brings us to Andre Ovredal’s The Autopsy of Jane Doe, a film in which two morticians are the most important characters in the movie and, for a lot of the time, the only characters to speak of.

Keating popped the question to Uechtritz after a three-year romance back in April, just weeks after his divorce from ex-wife Yvonne Connolly was finalised.

Fans of the horror genre know a stock character when they see one, and one of the all-time classic standbys is the mortician.

”I didn’t know she was English because she auditioned in an amazing American accent,” Beresford says.

Grainger is a ball of energy in the film, which seeks to make the case that Bonnie was the driving force for the crime spree which her and Clyde embarked upon between 19, during which they killed nine police officers and several civilians.

Shot through a sun-filled lens by cinematographer Alex Disenhof, “Vincent N Roxxy” is filled with quiet moments punctuated by scenes of startling violence.