No one could figure out a pattern or timeline as to when or why this was happening.

After a ton of research and troubleshooting I believe I have at least discovered all of the root causes. One of the problems I was seeing was that the permissions on the records that were created via the Microsoft dynamic DNS process were hosed up.

10/24/14 UPDATE: Replaced Remove-Dns Server Resource Records lines with Get-Wmi Object so that this script can run on Windows Server 2008 or Windows 7 machines.

Also, enabled the automation deletion of DNS records when a matching Active Directory computer account cannot be found.

If so, your DHCP server may not be configured to auto-register their IP with the DNS server.

To check, right-click your DHCP scope and go to properties.

If the IP address does not match the one listed by your hostname, you will need to manually update it to get your service working again.

How do I manually update my hostname in my No-IP account?

You can verify that this is the correct IP address by visiting Port Check Tool.

This website will show you your current public IP address.

Hi all, i'm trying to integrate my AD environment with the infoblox DNS.