The strings however slightly changed between the windows-base64 encoded string and the linux encoded string.

But base64 just says "Invalid input" no matter what I put in there.

As usual , I’ll start by giving my first impressions, have a look at the user interface and settings, test different king of video files, evaluate Wi-Fi performance, and try to cover most hardware features including Bluetooth, external storage, USB webcam, and so on.

error updating the password file android samba-66

Beside the IR remote, the sample I received only included a 5V/2A power supply, so i also had to take a spare HDMI cable.

Fixed the issue of occasional failure while powering off3.

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So - the sole reason I can think of is indeed a bad formatted password - but I can't figure out where the bad formatting should come from since I use the normal base64 algorythm to encode the password. Edit: Something which bugs me: When I run the base encoded strings through base64 it keeps telling me "Invalid Input".

Now - I went ahead and just re-coded the passwords with the use of base64 on the linux machine - but when I run the generated string through the decode function again, base64 keeps telling me "Invalid Input"...

Shenzhen Tomato sent me a sample unit which they call TM8 (Tomato M8?

), but I’ll just refer to the device as M8 in the review.

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