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This movie is not for anyone, the villains in this movie (including the "hero") have little to no morals, they kill and rape people like it's nothing.

Well the "hero" doesn't but he lets his associates gangrape the "tobeloveinterest" before he decides to try to help her somehow, which of course makes it incredibly hard for someone to care for his character and the "love-story".

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Newspaper profiles have described him as a "public menace".

Two weeks ago, Freeman was again courting controversy after he decided to trademark his nickname to stop other motoring lawyers advertising themselves, as one did, as "your local Mr Loophole".

But one thing is certain: Nick Freeman is no ordinary lawyer.

The man hailed (and reviled) as Mr Loophole gives a rare interview to Esther Walker In the "couldn't make it up" world of modern celebrity culture, and amid growing public concern about the apparent excesses enjoyed by today's rich and famous, Nick Freeman is not, it is safe to say, a universally popular man.

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