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At night, it looks at the Single Chair's Tower 2 which with utilizes the cameras infrared capability to show you snow falling. Located on much sought after Fuller Hill and designed by well know local architect Mac Rood.

This connectivity allows service centres to access the database for transaction acceptance as well as query handling, thus enabling same day transaction processing and across the counter servicing.

For telephonic enquiries, please call the National Call Center at 18.

At Funds Net broker operated locations, you can submit transactions till 3pm and these will be directly passed to CAMS without going through a CAMS SC.

However you will have to be a client of the broker concerned.You can see what's happening at Mad River Glen right now!Currently it is set up on a tour with several stops: Single Chair Loading Deck (10s), Basebox (10s), Double Chair (10s), Single Chair (70s). With warm summer days and a Pacific influence to Fernie’s weather patterns, the Elk Valley is kept lush and green throughout the warmer months. Fernie is famous for its huge annual average snowfall, combined with typically comfortable winter temperatures.Autumn or Fall is from late September until late November Winter is from late November until mid April Spring is from mid April until mid-June Summer is from mid June until late September The Fernie Cam Streaming live from the Historical Downtown Fernie.Distributors may call our Distributor Helpdesk at 044 30212664.