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Investigations into the Differences between Pushed and Pulled Wedge Experiments, International Geological Modelling Conference - Geo Mod 2010, Lisbon, September 2010Buiter, S.; Schreurs, G.

The model follows a Polya urn logic, with choices being analyzed in a Dirichlet-multinomial framework. Results show that correlation across choices of restaurant guests is present and can be modelled as a function of group-level variables related to information exchange.

Ratings and other factors such as price categories do play a role, though traditional modelling approaches that ignore social interactions tend to overstate its importance both in terms of statistical and economic significance.

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Further results on preference parameters confirm both a preference of males for younger partners, a preference of females for older partners, and a general tendency towards argued that individuals may use the observed choices of others as information to guide their own decisions.

This paper analyses the role of these social interactions in the context of restaurant choice, while at the same time evaluating the value of a restaurant's user rating in determining economic outcomes (as measured by restaurant checkins).

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Download Poster Hofmann, Florian; Rosenau, Matthias; Schreurs, Guido, und Friedrich, Anke M.: The Effect of Material Properties on the Structural Development of Analogue Coulomb Wedges, Geo Munich2011, Munich, September 2011Hofmann, Florian; Carena, Sara und Friedrich, Anke M.: Organizing Field Trips for Large Groups of Undergraduate Students: Our Experience from the Berliner Hütte Field Exercise, Zillertal, Austria, Geo Munich2011, Munich, September 2011Evers, Serjoscha; Engelmann, Oliver und Hofmann, Florian: "Heureka" in Geological Education?

Scientific Research by Undergraduate Students - Learning through Analogue Modeling; Geo Munich2011, Munich, September 2011Hofmann, Florian; Rosenau, Matthias und Schreurs, Guido: Critical Taper in Sandbox Experiments?

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