Our spacious serviced apartments are located throughout Belfast, We have over 100 units within five locations.

From the popular Lisburn Road, to the centrally located iconic Obel Towers.

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Accommodation is the process by which the vertebrate eye changes optical power to maintain a clear image or focus on an object as its distance varies.

In this, distances vary for individuals from the far point—the maximum distance from the eye for which a clear image of an object can be seen, to the near point—the minimum distance for a clear image.

Silvia is from a little town in the North of Italy. Silvia deals with host family bookings and enjoys her job of connecting international students with Irish families.

Marine is from Lyon (France) and spent the last four years travelling for her studies and internships.

Fine food, service and hospitality in a comfortable relaxed atmosphere are the foremost concern of the family: Pauleen, Hannah, and resident chef Tim.

Pauleen after 40 years has decided to retire, but would like to thank all her loyal guests and friends that have returned year after year.

Accommodation acts like a reflex, but can also be consciously controlled.

Mammals, birds and reptiles vary the optical power by changing the form of the elastic lens using the ciliary body (in humans up to 15 dioptres).

The Seasonal bed and breakfast will still operate under the management of Hannah.