" / is a downloadable, family-friendly musical adventure starring lovable aliens.

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If Pokémon characters ran off to populate an island and decided to form a choir, it might look (and sound) a little like MY SINGING MONSTERS, a fun and free game for players of all ages.

Players breed more than 50 monsters -- including two exclusives with the Vita version, named Yawstrich and the G'joob -- placing them somewhere on the island and listening as they sing in unison.

It took many years of musical training for me to realize just how bad my singing voice is.

I’m a respectable musician when I play a guitar, mandolin or other stringed instrument. I have tried to get better — pity the vocal teachers who worked to help me.

Call center operators (CCOs) is a unique subgroup of professional voice users because their ability to work depends solely on their voice, in the absence of body language (gestures, facial expressions) or written language.

CCOs continuously attend to calls with few breaks, coupled with excessive work-related stress.

So you're helping yourself (free lessons), me (I keep my cool job teaching you! The best way to learn songs you like is by TRANSCRIBING songs yourself! So actually better than using tabs or songbooks or lessons is to work out songs on your own and make your own charts!

It is nowhere as hard as you might think if you have never tried it - it is the way that generations of guitar players before you learnt to play!!

Mainly, we wanted to identify an objective acoustic index for vocal load over a day that can be used by ENT specialists and by Speech-Language Pathologists evaluating and treating people with vocal symptoms.