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Charlie Sheen Charlie Sheen is 49 years old today so we take a look back at his relationships over the years. His first relationship was with his high school girlfriend Paula Profit.

They had one child together Cassandra Jade Estevez, born on the 12 December 1984.

He met actress Denise Richards on the set of the film Good Advice in 2000, however did not start dating until October 2001.

They had previously starred in the film Loaded Weapon 1 and Friends, however not together.

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quality=90&w=300 300w" sizes="(max-width: 620px) 100vw, 620px" / Chuck is easily as prolific as a couple of the other men we’ve featured but his story has a twist as a majority of the women he’s been with seem to make a living doing the deed (they’re porn stars, in case you didn’t get that reference). Sean Penn a couple of years before she hit it big on right around this time. Then he shot her in the arm (accidentally) and that was pretty much the end of that relationship. Later she appeared on the Charlie Sheen , which is pretty much her most prestigious acting credit. Naturally, he announced the engagement while on the stand during the Heidi Fleiss trial. At some point during this relationship she allegedly attacked him with a fork.

Funny and daringly insightful, Canyon never fails to express herself intelligently while maintaining that innocent charm she showed on camera for three decades. And some guy in the business pulls up in a white Trans-Am—which was the cool car of the ‘80s—with a gold eagle on the front, and was like: “Hello, you have a great figure, you could be a figure model.” layout, and I quickly realized it was different body parts than hands and feet. and never to be seen again, or they take time off, get married, have a kid, come back.

He gave me his agent’s business card—at the time there were two agents, now there are 2,000—and I didn’t call right away. Or they’re like Ginger and I—we seem to be here forever doing different things. Samantha Strong was from the ‘80s and it’s like..the f*** happened to her?

Let’s see if I can find enough SFW pics to do this chronology justice (and how many names you recognize). Charlie’s first short foray into the world of “adult” stars, St. Sheen finally found what he likes, and as we all know Charlie likes him some porn stars. Back to a non-adult film star, but a woman who, thanks to her job as a model, he had more than likely already seen topless before they’d met. She also sued him for allegedly physically abusing her.

Many of the biggest stars from the adult film industry's so-called Golden Age — an era when VHS launched pornography into a multi-million dollar business — have come and gone. Here is deep look at some of vintage porn’s leading actors and where they are now: Then: The former special education teacher began a drastic career change in 1978, when his girlfriend sent naked photos of him to "Playgirl." The spread was so impressive that he started getting calls from adult film directors.

Jeremy agreed to participate in hopes that it would help him break into the non-adult film industry.