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Survey data so far support that but actual endpoints are unknown.For example, this guideline may be applied as a result of a cross reference (.—In the case of premeditated killing, life imprisonment is the appropriate sentence if a sentence of death is not imposed. (B) .—If the defendant did not cause the death intentionally or knowingly, a downward departure may be warranted. (1) If the offense involved the involuntary manslaughter of more than one person, Chapter Three, Part D (Multiple Counts) shall be applied as if the involuntary manslaughter of each person had been contained in a separate count of conviction.A downward departure would not be appropriate in such a case. For example, a downward departure may be warranted if in robbing a bank, the defendant merely passed a note to the teller, as a result of which the teller had a heart attack and died. "Criminally negligent" means conduct that involves a gross deviation from the standard of care that a reasonable person would exercise under the circumstances, but which is not reckless. A homicide resulting from driving a means of transportation, or similarly dangerous actions, while under the influence of alcohol or drugs ordinarily should be treated as reckless. Click here to read comments and assumptions about this guide. Contributions of Dan Cluley, Mike Reitsma, Curtis Riddick, Brian Waddell, and the Michigan Photographic Historical Society gratefully acknowledged. Establishing dates of manufacture for Argus cameras is an inexact art. Sterritt For pictures of Argus cameras to help in identifying which model you have, Click here.