It’s hard to meet the right person,” said Heart to Heart Introductions director Val Gray.

“Your special someone is looking for you, too, and we can help you find one another.” Heart to Heart Introductions facilitates the compatibility search for men and women who lead very busy lives due to career and volunteer demands or needs of their families.

You'll come away with new friends and possibly some romantic sparks and at the very least, you will have had a great night out.

Your welcome speech was perfect and gave me the confidence to mix freely.

It is a really good idea to hold such events in a lovely setting, so thanks again.

Many people "fall in love" and marry with no real idea of what love and marriage are.

Others are led heart-first into difficult relationships, sometimes with abusive partners, by forces they're not even conscious of.

I've noted the date of the next one." I'm delighted that both of my friends got on well with a lovely lady and a handsome chap - with contact information being exchanged.

We're all glad we made the journey and would be keen to come to another such event in the future." "My guest was like a lovestruck teenager!Fortunately, you can avoid most of these troubles if you approach dating and marriage as you would any other major undertaking: with preparation.Take some of the energy you put into planning your wedding, and use it to prepare yourself emotionally and spiritually for marriage.Heart to Heart Introductions has been helping Kansas Citians get on the right relationship path since 1984, with thousands of successful introductions made over the years.“At Heart to Heart Introductions, we know it’s not hard to meet people.An event which always guarantees the same number of ladies to men.