The image was created by Corey Vaspasiano for a digital editing contest for the web site which had many people convinced that it was real.While Disney and Pixar both love to insert “Easter eggs” — intentional hidden messages or inside jokes — into their films, this is not an example of one. Every girl is hand picked, and we use the best cameras.

We also found that while women increasingly feature on the front pages and masthead marketing ‘puffs’ of national newspapers, the rate at which more women are making it onto the front page is not matched by what’s happening inside.

Newspapers are making a greater effort to appeal to women readers by using more women’s images to ‘sell’ themselves, yet the approach they take to using photographs of women throughout the rest of their pages is inconsistent with this apparent ‘women-friendly’ approach.

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The women only agree to speak to AFP because they trust an accompanying activist from the only NGO in Russia for sex workers called Serebryanaya Roza, or Silver Rose.

The activist, Regina Akhmetzyanova, spends her evening going to such clandestine brothels to give out condoms and to offer sex workers an HIV test.

However, overwhelming findings from our study show that photographic images of women in newspapers are out of step with real women’s lives.

More women work now than ever before, more women are making an impact – at all levels up to and including the boardroom – and there are more women MPs.

But how well is this reflected by the newspapers they read each day?