It seems to us that it's OK to hold one's hand but not the other, even if we like them both very much. An heterosexual man in the western culture will almost never hold hands with another man, that's why the photo of George W Bush holding hands with the Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia hit waves in the US, but was received calmly in the Arab culture. What does it mean to hold hands in different contexts and of course, how can we apply it in our daily lives.The most obvious meaning for this gesture is the involvement of romance.

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Hand in hand, Prince Harry and his actress girlfriend Meghan Markle walk through the streets of London as rumours of an impending engagement continue to grow.

The prince was pictured with the American-born divorcee, who has been spending a lot of time with him at Kensington Palace since the beginning of the year, after a romantic dinner at trendy private members' club Soho House on Wednesday.

When it comes to holding hands, everybody has their preferred technique: interlocking fingers, cupping palms, interlocking with a thumb rub, or the sweat-friendly pinky-link.

Some people are top hands, others bottoms and some swing both ways.

#Time To Uhw Pv Cawo— Kensington Palace (@Kensington Royal) February 2, 2017Harry has already introduced Markle to members of his family, such as brother Prince William and his wife Duchess Kate of Cambridge, and they've gone to Norway on vacation.

For its latest picture exclusive, found a Harry "friend" (why would a real friend be blabbing against Harry's express orders?Conversely, why is it that we always seem to reach for our partner's hand to comfort them when they're upset?A study by University of Virginia psychologist, Dr. After administering an electric shock to each woman, Coan measured the resulting activity in the stress response area of her brains.Well, according to the that could very well be the case.So the next time your loved one is upset — a sad movie, friend drama, work stress, an argument with you—for whatever reason, consider some quality hand-holding time.But this is not happening, largely because the British media seem convinced that Markle is headed to the altar with Harry, the fifth-in-line to the throne, whose single status has been of keen interest among Britons ever since he broke up with his last girlfriend years ago.