The University deploys enough workstations for local system usage for all users.

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View to East from Look Rock, at the western end of Great Smoky Mountains National Park (aerial view). This location is pitch dark at night (and very grey in heavy fog).

Why was this web cam, and associated site, down all the time years ago (12/14/01)?!

Work is currently underway to update this module to work with Drupal 7.

In light of fields being integrated into core, it will depend on the new Webcam field module.

This page is dedicated to all the wonderful contributors who are not Underwriters but have still shown tremendous support for our Grass Root Site. Photo Credits Eureka Springs Webcam is a community project and is not affiliated with any governmental agency, city organization or corporate entity. What might appear to be advertising is simply our way of thanking the Underwriters who have graciously provided camera space and internet hook ups. The Photography that appears on our site is made possible through the generosity of three of our local photographic geniuses: Richard Quick, Chip Ford and Bryan O’Dell.

ESWC would like to thank these individuals by giving them the credit(s) they deserve.

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Webcams will have an upgrade path to use the new Webcam field, but will then essentially become a wrapper.

There are many kind people who have come together to make this site possible.

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