But if you act from your heart and leave yourself open to adventure, a picnic with budget wine, crusty bread, and olives might enable you to make the kind of connection you simply can’t sitting in a fancy restaurant or a high-priced musical show.

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Inexpensive dating video

Paint a large white lower-case 'm' on the front -- or cut it out of paper and glue it onto the posterboard. Candle Wrap red posterboard around your child loosely and staple or glue it together.

Take the fabric and cut a blob out of it with a circle in the middle for your child's head to fit through.

And even more entertaining—their reactions to their spouse’s answers! Put your knowledge to the test with our own at-home version of the Newlywed Game.

The Newlywed Game is a fun game to play for bridal showers, weddings, anniversary parties and, of course, our specialty—DATE NIGHT! We have everything you need to have a fun night with just you and your spouse OR you can always make it a group date night and play the Newlywed Game with your favorite couples as a group date night.

With 40 unique questions and some seriously impressive printables designed by Carisa at Messes to Memories, you are set! It is date night made easy—you are welcome (in advance! You can play the Newlywed Game in a group date night setting, similar to the way that it is traditionally played on the TV show.

We have a fun printable invitation that you can use to invite your favorite couples.

Take a standard headband (or make one out of a strap of posterboard) and glue the flame on so it stands straight up.

Variation: For siblings, make this costume out of white posterboard and go as shabbos candles. Flower Cut large flower petals out of posterboard and glue them to the headband. Add two holes to each wing and thread the cord through it. To make the antennae, take two pipe cleaners and wrap one end around the headband.

Being limited by your budget often forces you to come up with ideas that are original and, even better, a lot of fun.