Available year-round, epazote has a peak season in winter. Its other common names are Mexican Tea and Wormseed.

Epazote can be poisonous if consumed in large quantities but is well known as a digestive and carminative.

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Ettinger avocados have a mild flavor and lower oil content than other varieties, and the fruits average ten to twenty ounces in size.

Their inner flesh, like nearly all other types, contains a large seed and cavity, which makes up ten to twenty-five percent of the fruit’s weight.

It can also grow in sub-tropical regions of Europe and grows wild in warmer parts of North America.

Ettinger avocados are similar to Fuerte avocados, pear-shaped with smooth, thin, bright green skin, which does not peel easily, and pale green flesh.

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Epazote is a unique culinary herb that cannot be replaced by any other herb.

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