That's why RTI control systems set the standard for intuitive operation, reliability under pressure, and wide-ranging capabilities.

Ein Weg wäre, mit einem Instrument die Tonart herauszufinden, aber ich möchte nicht den halben Tag nur damit verbringen, den passenden Key zu finden.

Glücklicherweise gibt es hier nützliche Tools wie das Programm Key Finder, das kostenfrei für Windows und Mac OS X erhältlich ist ( und den Key direkt in meine ID3-Tags schreibt.

From sound and light, to HVAC and security, all your electronics systems can be instantly accessed, and their functions effortlessly choreographed. Now the easy part - press "Entertain": The lights adjust in all the right places, the "party" playlist is started and music fills the home.

Misplaced brand loyalty – or brand disloyalty as it sometimes manifests itself – is a game I gave up on long ago.

Da i Tunes letzteren nicht lesen kann, lasse ich den zweiten Tag zusätzlich damit ausfüllen.

i Tunes is an app that Apple never intended to make for Windows.

I won’t divulge the words that spilled out of my mouth as I tried to sync my sparsely populated i Tunes library (literally about 3 songs I’d imported specifically for this task) with brand new i Phone 5.

The i Phone that I’d restored from a backup using this very Mac, and a device that had a total of 0 songs onboard.

Speaking from experience, buying or ignoring a certain company’s products “just because” without...