You’ve been in this industry for over a decade, how would you say it has changed over the years?There's a lot more information and content out there right now compared to before, as the internet has made it readily available.The couple created a fake company name, “The Kennedys,” to sign up for the two-member Slack chat that has replaced i Message for them as the way they discuss everything, from coordinating childcare to potential Ikea purchases. Occasionally a consumer-facing product like Dropbox expands into the workplace, but rarely do people bring tools designed for their companies into their personal lives. Users have appropriated the platform for extracurricular use cases like staying in touch with groups of friends, backchanneling at events, and creating chat rooms around interests like books or entrepreneurship–or dating.

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Loyiso Bala ft Khuli Chana - What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

To always research and always keep learning about your craft.

The Juice had a chat with this talented star to find out what inspired his new track as well as his plans for the future. I was inspired by a woman who, 10 years ago, told me that I'd never be able to have a career making my own music in Cape Town.

What’s you’re most memorable performance of your career so far?

A change the company made to its interface in May, which allows users to easily toggle between different Slack groups, unwittingly aided this type of extracurricular Slack-ing by helping users merge their work and personal interests under one tab.

It is partly appealing for nonwork exactly people use it for work.

Live Hot Puppet Chat is an adult-themed puppet show, originally broadcast on a university television station (SRTV) in the Fall of 2005 at the University of California, San Diego, with a series of shows jokingly titled "Season 2" (never having really had a first season).

The six episodes were written and performed by Tristan Newcomb, and each episode had a different host: they were, in broadcast order, Skiddles, Prickle, Al the Slug, Reducey-Risk Reindeer, Barry Bible, and Dobo Disty (aka Nintendobo).

After episode six, the student-run television station was shut down upon charges of obscenity, stemming from the blasphemy of the Barry Bible episode, along with the university administration's displeasure with a previous pair of pornographic broadcasts on the same student channel.